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2019-09-23 06:10:52

It does not matter whether music is playing at the neighbor's house or a family member is interfering, when your learning online you will just learn. There is nothing like very cool environment or a specific place and you can get even a degree, the very best one. Only that the course should be well structured.When I wake up every morning I take an enterpreneurship lesson on an app and there after I switch to my get ready, get set, be online learner course, but today was different, music was playing at the next window to mine and I could not concentrate with the enterpreneurship lesson, I decided to switch to online learning without doing my enterpreneurship module. I had a scrapbook challenge waiting for me, I though let me try that and see and it just worked well, I managed to continue despite all the disturbance and then I noticed something.learning online should be different from the traditional learning. it should be practical and integrated, some reading, a video and doing,…

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